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... the examination service has been used in more than 24 countries with participants from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large multinational companies as well as non-profit organizations, universities, learning centres, education institutions, colleges etc.

... more than 10000 participants have been used the examination portal to perform online multiple choice exams and 7800 certificates have been issued.

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Some of our exams are handled by another platform, only use this exam link, if you were informed to explicitly go to a bizexaminer exam

Bizexaminer Exams

As questions arise more often, please allow us to anser some of the most asked questions here already:

Is the payment per certificate or per Exam?
Every attempt has to be paid seperately. There are some occasions when mutiple attempts have been agreed. But this is done always in advance and always in combination with a larger number of exams done at once.

Is the payment of the exam seperate of a possible training fee?
Yes, it is seperate. Sometimes we have training organisations, that not only do the training, but also organise (not host) the exams. In that case the total cost might already include training and exam fee.

Can the exam be reviewed?
Yes. But due to understandable reasons, this has to be done online together with a reviewer of the technical support (the cost need to be paid in advance and are 75 Euro per review) and he/she will guide throught the exam questions and point out what exam questions were answered wrong. There will be nop discussion about hwo to understand the question or if it could be also right or wrong. The exam questions are reviewed multiple times by experts in their field and will only be changed by the job role committee if outdated.
I have lost my certificate, can i get a new one?
Yes, of course. Please write us a short message about when and at what organisation you have done your exam. We will charge you for the post and printing and send you your certificate to your given address as soon as possible.