Blockchain is at the core of the EU strategy to advance digital transformation, benefitting society/businesses and stimulating sustainable growth.

The European Blockchain Sector is well placed to acquire global leadership; still its competitiveness largely relies on the availability of competent/versatile workforce. Whereas the demand for blockchain skills is steadily increasing, employers are facing a shortfall of skilled professionals. The sector is challenged by talents shortage, global competitive pressures, limited connection between education & the market. The aim of CHAISE is to set forward an open, inclusive blockchain skills governance system, to address skills mismatches and deliver appropriate training, intelligence gathering & mobility solutions tailored to sectoral needs.

The CHAISE training programme will correspond to the 5th or 6th EQF level (to be defined during the project), leading to the award of a professional qualification, according to Directive 2013/55/EU on the recognition of professional qualifications. The CHAISE VET programme will be divided into 3 main components, each assigned with a different weight:

a) technical modules

b) non-technical modules incl. soft skills

c) work-based learning

The CHAISE VET programme, following EU standards, is foreseen to have a 5 semester duration, broken down into 4 semesters of classroom and lab-based learning (up to 1,200 teaching hours) and 1 semester of work-based learning (up to 900 hours). The modular structure of the curriculum will also facilitate deployment in Continuous VET (C-VET) environments, enabling trainers and learners to focus on the modules most relevant to their training needs and particular skills deficiencies.  


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