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Chaise Newsletter #6

In the past months, the CHAISE partnership has reached one of its milestones by releasing the CHAISE online course on "Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies".


The coordinator's foreword 

Dear reader,

I am pleased to share with you the latest CHAISE newsletter. In the past months, the CHAISE partnership has reached one of its milestones by releasing the CHAISE online course on "Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies". Discover more below!
I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and I would like to invite you to go through our website, follow us on social media or contact us directly for more information.

Do you share our vision? Join the Alliance as an associated partner and contribute to the accomplishment of our activities and objectives! 

Prof. Parisa Ghodous


Our latest result & updates

Over the past few months, the CHAISE partnership has organised an interactive online session for enrolled learners in the CHAISE blockchain skills MOOC to seek direct guidance from the instructors who crafted the curriculum. In addition, the partnership has taken a significant stride forward by releasing the course validation methodology, containing the guidelines learners must follow to achieve certification in alignment with the specialized job profiles recognized by CHAISE, and the trainer's guide, designed to support ICT trainers in the delivery of CHAISE course lectures.


CHAISE MOOC: Mastering Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Since last summer, the CHAISE Blockchain Skills digital course is available on the Thinkific MOOC platform. The course is designed to provide a solid knowledge in blockchain and DLT for both students looking to pursue a career in this industry and professionals in the tech world who want to upskill or enhance their existing knowledge in blockchain technology. The course comprises 12 modules, including practical exercises as well as video lessons provided by industry professionals who guide users through the fundamentals of blockchain. So far the course has had more than 700 enrolled learners who took advantage of the Q&A session held from September 18th  to October 15th, to receive support from the instructor who contributed to the development of the course.

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CHAISE Trainer's Guide

The Trainer’s guide has been designed to provide trainers with guidelines and resources to deliver an optimized and impactful learning experience on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. It is available for all educators who wish to conduct in-person or online blockchain training and explains how ICT trainers can deliver the CHAISE course lectures in both informal and formal settings. For each learning unit, the guide provides trainers with access to a detailed lesson plan for classroom sessions and online use, a summary of the learning objectives and the expected knowledge and skills that the unit aims to impart, together with the prerequisites for participating in the session

Discover the full guide

CHAISE Validation Methodology

The CHAISE online course certification strategy is largely based on the principles of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012-07 Conformity assessment - General requirements for bodies certifying persons and specifies the procedure of how the competence of persons is certified by ECQA GmbH. The document explains the requirements that learners should  have to receive a certificate for one of the three job profiles identified by CHAISE: Blockchain Manager, Blockchain Architecht and Blockchain Developer. In order to obtain a certificate issued by ECQA GmbH, learners needs to be have been rewarded with both a practical and a theoretical badge. The document outlines the path to achieve theoretical, practical badges and the full certificate. 

Read the full document

Blueprint of a VET qualification on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

The Blueprint provides a roadmap for qualification and accreditation bodies, qualifications experts, VET providers, VET trainers, and curricula designers in the ICT field on how to implement occupational profiles identified by CHAISE, namely Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Architect, and Blockchain Manager. Furthermore, the report aims to contribute to the harmonization of occupational requirements and recognition of skills for Blockchain specialists at European Union level.  

Read the full document

Blockchain Skills Strategy Update

Following a thorough review, the CHAISE partnership has enhanced its Blockchain Skills Strategy to offer a comprehensive overview of the progress made so far and to delineate the new actions required to attain its strategic objectives and implement the 5 roadmaps towards blockchain skills for Europe.

Read the full document

Contribute & support our results

How to engage with the Blockchain community? Discover how you can contribute to the CHAISE activities and support us in achieving our goals!


Join the CHAISE Alliance

As the Sector Alliance for Blockchain Skills, CHAISE expanded its horizons and welcomed interested organizations to join the alliance and actively participate in and enhance CHAISE's results. Organisations that join the Alliance will have the possibility to contribute to CHAISE workstreams and to showcase their work on the CHAISE website. To become Associated partners, organisations are required to formalize their commitment by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). Discover here the organisations that have joined so far.

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Sign our Statement of Support

CHAISE invites  Blockchain stakeholders from across Europe to acknowledge the identified emerging occupational profiles in the Blockchain field and to contribute to the advancement of the project’s objectives to reinforce education in digital competences by signing a Statement of Support.

By recognizing the results, stakeholders will contribute to providing clearer description of the different blockchain roles and possible educational approach, thus contributing to a joint effort to fulfil the growing needs of the blockchain sector.

Sign here

CHAISE consortium partners in the spotlight

In this edition, get to know more about CHAISE partners: INTRASOFT, IOTA and ITALIA4BLOCKCHAIN


Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European IT services company that specializes in delivering innovative solutions for various sectors, including public administration, finance, and healthcare. With a strong focus on digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies, Netcompany-Intrasoft has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to modernize their operations and improve efficiency.

In the CHAISE project, Netcompany-Intrasoft plays a pivotal role in driving the development and implementation of blockchain-based solutions for enhancing skills certification and validation within the European education and workforce ecosystem. Leveraging its expertise in blockchain technology, Netcompany-Intrasoft contributes to the project's mission of fostering transparency and trust in skills validation processes. By collaborating with other project partners, Netcompany-Intrasoft aims to create a secure and decentralized platform that empowers individuals to showcase their skills and qualifications while facilitating seamless cross-border recognition of credentials in the European Union.


Based in Germany, the IOTA Foundation is a pioneering organisation in the research, engineering and development of next-generation, DAG-based distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and identity frameworks. 

The primary objective of IOTA is to offer a scalable and sustainable DLT solution for applications and digital economies, ultimately empowering digital autonomy for individuals and entities. Within CHAISE, IOTA actively participates in various work packages, that include tasks such as contributing to the assessment and prediction of the supply and demand for blockchain skills, as well as contributing to the development of the CHAISE Blockchain skills digital course. This year, IOTA was leading the execution of the on-site CHAISE training pilots, aimed at testing the developed CHAISE Blockchain skills digital course. Given its proximity to blockchain development and application, IOTA provides useful insights into the real-world dynamics within the blockchain space.


Italia4Blockchain was launched in 2019 with the objective of bringing together the realities and professionals who operate and are involved in the blockchain realm in Italy, researchers and academics to contribute to the full diffusion of the technology in the territory as a source of development and growth of the country itself. 

The association is a reference point for Italian and European institutions, also thanks to the implementation of common activities to promote the sector in the dissemination and training with regional capillarity. In the training field, alongside the offering of two introductory courses on blockchain technology, Blockchain Innovation Manager and Blockchain Technology Specialist, Italia4Blockchain is a proud partner of CHAISE, conducting research and sharing resources on the Italian market, contributing to the awareness on CHAISE in Italy and supporting the implementation of the project results on a national level whilst designing and promoting a National Blockchain Skills Partnership.


Past and upcoming events & publications

of the CHAISE consortium

The CHAISE consortium has selected its key events and publications to share with you. 


Blockchain Education & Standardisation: 

Navigating (beyond) the European landscape

Professor Raimundas Matulevicius from CHAISE partner University of Tartu was one of panellists of "Blockchain Education & Standardisation: 

Navigating (beyond) the European landscape",

the webinar organised by the SEEBLOCKS.eu project on November 10. The webinar explored the standardisation actitivies within the Blockchain/DLT domain focusing on the importance of education in blockchain technology for individuals and organizations looking to understand, adopt, and work with these blockchain systems and to equip them with the required skills. Professor Matulevicius had the opportunity to speak about CHAISE activities and findings and to provide the online audience with an overview of the CHAISE blockchain skills digital course, explaining how the course is structured and what job oppotunities it unlocks thanks to its specialisation pathways.

Watch the recording

CHAISE at Federal Institute for Vocational Education

and Training (BIBB) conference

Recently, Adele Whelan from ESRI participated as a speaker at the conference "Vocational Education, Skilled Workers and Transformation in an International Perspective" organised by the Federal institute for Vocational Education and training from 30 November to 1st December in Bonn. The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) is a recognised centre of excellence for vocational research and for the progressive development of VET in Germany.

BIBB organized an international conference that brings together researchers from different disciplines to highlight and discuss the active contribution of Vocational Education and skilled workers to technological and ecological innovation. With her participation to the workshop "The technological side of transformation" Adele had the chance to introduce the CHAISE Blockchain skills needs and demand analysis, its forecasting findings and the three emerging professional roles identified by the analysis and for which the CHAISE blockchain skills digital course offers tailored specialisation learning pathways.

Read the full programme

Mastering Blockchain and DLT - Three emerging profiles

On December 7th, DLT Austria, the Austrian Association for the Sustainable Promotion of Distributed-Ledger-Technologies, hosted a conference exploring the emerging job roles related to blockchain technology. The CHAISE blockchain skills digital course was presented by its partner ECQA as a tool to address the crucial need for skilled professionals in the blockchain domain.

Indeed, the course is designed to tackle mismatches in blockchain skills and train learners for the specialized professional profiles, identified in CHAISE Blockchain skills needs and demand analysis. The event offered the participants the opportunity to learn more about the CHAISE project and explore its blockchain skills digital course, its specialisation pathways and certification procedures.  In addition to the CHAISE project, the conference shed light on the Austrian Public Service Blockchain (Data Certification Service). Attendees had the chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of its vision, objectives, and the significant role it plays in shaping the blockchain landscape. This included an exploration of the Data Certification Service, underlining its role in ensuring data integrity and authenticity within the Australian Public Service


CHAISE at DeImp23 Conference

The DeImp23 conference, organized by BerChain and positiveblockchain.io, served as a dynamic platform to bring together innovators in the blockchain and web3 space and showcase groundbreaking solutions that drive sustainable transformation. The event explored key topics such as climate action, ReFi, digital inclusion, and governance, providing a comprehensive overview of the potential impact of these technologies.

The event explored key topics such as climate action, ReFi, digital inclusion, and governance, providing a comprehensive overview of the potential impact of these technologies. In this CHAISE was introduced to the conference audience by its partner BerChain, who highlighted the critical need for skilled Blockchain specialists to effectively harness the transformative power of this technology and explained how the CHAISE Blockchain skills digital course can be leveraged by both students and professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge of Blockchain and DLT and specialise as one the blockchain professional profiles identified by CHAISE Blockchain skills needs and demand analysis. Afterwards, there was also the opportunity to introduce the CHAISE Alliance and the CHAISE statement of support, showing how interested organizations can engage and contribute to the project's objectives as CHAISE Associated partners or supporting its results. The event has also seen the participation of panellists from IOTA foundation which is also part of the CHAISE project partnership. 


👥 Partners' corner 👥

Our network has plenty of interesting publications and opportunities! We wouldn't want you to miss them.


BLOCKSTAND Expert Selection

Blockchain is a crucial technology to the EU’s industrial leadership on the international level. Addressing this feat, BlockStand supports the increased participation of European experts in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) standardisation activities. Throughout the project, a continuous, open, and inclusive selection of experts (with a focus on SMEs, R&I, and EBSI experts) will support their participation in blockchain and DLT standardisation. The expert selection will remain open for submissions with cut-offs every two months.

Standardisation activities include, among others:


- Participating in European and International Standards Developing Organisations

- Producing technical reports & research studies

- Proposing new work items in Technical Groups, standardization guides or use cases.


With an overall budget of 400.000 €, Blockstand will engage with nearly 40 experts which will provide a total of 100 contributions through their activities. Applications for paid activities, amounting up to € 12.000 for each selected expert, will be evaluated on a rolling basis, with the upcoming cut-off set for 15th January 2024.


Apply here

INATBA Awards Gala

On 30th January 30, 2024, INATBA - International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application will host its Awards Gala at the historic Autoworld in Brussels.

The event will shine a spotlight on exceptional companies and initiatives that have made significant contributions across eight key domains:

 - Crypto assets

 - Corporate innovation

 - DeFi

 - Learning and awareness

 - Multiverse

 - ReFi

 - Public sector innovation

 - Sustainable innovation

The Gala will not only be a platform for recognizing the achievements of the award winners but also an occasion to gain insights from Mathieu Michel, Belgium State Secretary for Digitization, who will deliver a keynote speech, sharing valuable perspectives on the pivotal role of emerging technologies in shaping the future of industry, economy, and innovation in Europe. Furthermore, since CHAISE has been nominated among the most exciting projects for 2024, we will find out during the Gala whether it has won the INATBA Awards in the Learning and Awareness category. More than just a celebration of blockchain's advancements, the Gala underscores INATBA's commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. By aligning technological innovations with environmental responsibility, the event will represent a reaffirmation of INATBA's dedication to fostering positive change in the industry.

More information


Thanks to the experience developed with the application of blockchain technology for the certification of credentials, CIMEA is involved in the EBSI Vector project (EBSI enabled Verifiable Credentials & Trusted Organizations Registries), a project funded by the Digital Europe Programme, which brings together 52 partners from 20 different countries.

Started in June 2023, the main objective of the EBSI Vector project is to cooperate to simplify some of the complex verification credentials and trusted registries by extending them with new capabilities (such as the decentralized identity of legal persons or revocation functionality).

Representing the Italian use case of the project, CIMEA is leading the project work package dedicated to education use cases, managing their implementation with the current and new EBSI capabilities, to enhance the specifications of the EBSI Diploma and support the onboarding on EBSI standards. 


More information

Paris Blockchain Summit


CHAISE was an official partner of the 4th edition of the Paris Blockchain Summit, an exceptional gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, experts, innovators, and investors from around the globe, which offered them the chance to take part in engaging panel discussions, keynotes, and workshops to explore the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field. Furthermore, the Paris Blockchain Summit hosted several pitching and networking sessions to foster the interaction between solution providers and potential partners and/or investors.

More information

What's next?


We have entered the last year of the CHAISE project. Our main aim will be to grow our community and spread the CHAISE guidelines and learning materials via various events, like the 13 national info days that CHAISE will organise all across Europe.
Stay tuned!

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