Call for Registration for the 28th EuroSPI Conference

EuroSPI 2021 , 1-3 September 2021, in Krems, Austria, will have 10 international thematic workshop streams supported by thematic topic communities. 


Each thematic stream integrates both research sessions and industry / applied science sessions. The thematic streams will be a mix of pitch talks provoking discussion, full presentations and panel discussions, which will focus on specific topics of interest. EuroSPI Research and Thematic Workshop Papers are grouped into major topics, which can be attended in the form of workshops. Selected workshop papers are published as special chapters in the annual EuroSPI Springer book in the CCIS series. The EuroSPI series has had 486000 chapter downloads in Springer online so far, which makes it one of the most frequently read and referenced series in industry and research. Selected extended papers will be published in the Wiley Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.


New in 2021 - Different Types of Papers

Research and Industry Papers will be accepted as full papers, short papers and key statement papers. Further details are listed below.

  • Full paper: ca. 12 to 15 pages, fully elaborated case study, research study
  • Short paper: ca. 6 to 8 pages, addresses an important case study or research result
  • Key statement: 4 pages, making a key experience/best practice statement


Submission of Papers Deadlines:

  • 8 April 2021 - Submission of the first version,
  • 01 June 2021 - Submission of the final version of the full thematic or research paper

We are looking forward to meeting you online or on-site at EuroSPI 2021 in Krems

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